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Services Offered

Fully Produced Video:

Highly edited multi-angle video, with audio and video recorded separately.

Generally only done for one piece at a time.

Tierkreis screen cap 4.png
Copy of Danny Recital Pic.png

Recital-Style Recording:

Single angle video with audio and video recorded at the same time. Single take

per piece. Can be done for one piece at a time, a full concert program, or

anywhere in between.

Audio Only:

Audio recording only, with no video.

Audio Example (Live Performance)
00:00 / 00:50

Video Only:

Video recording only, with no audio. Intended for projects where audio has

previously been recorded in a studio, etc., and the performer(s) would like to

add a video to said recording.



Headshot photo session lasting approximately 1 hour. Client will receive approximately

20 edited photos. Photos can be taken with a number of backgrounds throughout photo




Music Video: $200 + $50 per minute of music

Recital-Style Recording: $100 + $15 per 15 minutes of session time

Additional angles can be added for:

2nd angle - $20 per 15 minutes of session time (in addition)

3rd angle - $20 per 15 minutes of session time, plus applicable rental fee (in addition)

Audio Only: $90 per hour of recording time

Headshots: $90 per hour of session

Video Editing & Motion Graphics: $45 per hour of work

Rush Rate

Bookings made on short notice and/or requiring an expedited turnaround time may be subject to a rate increase. Bookings made less than 1 week in advance will be subject to a 1.25X multiplier to total cost, and recordings requiring less than a 1 week turnaround time on delivery will be subject to a 1.2X multiplier to total cost (at my discretion, taking into account the size of the project).

Rates may be changed due to complexity of projects, etc. This will be discussed in advance.

All rates include post-production costs, unless discussed in advance due to complexity of the project.

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