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Services Offered

Fully Produced Video:

Highly edited multi-angle video, with audio and video recorded separately.

Generally only done for one piece at a time.

Tierkreis screen cap 4.png
Copy of Danny Recital Pic.png

Recital-Style Recording:

Single angle video with audio and video recorded at the same time. Single take

per piece. Can be done for one piece at a time, a full concert program, or

anywhere in between.

Audio Only:

Audio recording only, with no video.

Audio Example (Live Performance)
00:00 / 00:50

Video Only:

Video recording only, with no audio. Intended for projects where audio has

previously been recorded in a studio, etc., and the performer(s) would like to

add a video to said recording.



Headshot photo session lasting approximately 1 hour. Client will receive approximately

20 edited photos. Photos can be taken with a number of backgrounds throughout photo




Fully Produced Video: $200 + $50 per minute of music

Recital-Style Recording: $100 + $15 per 15 minutes of recording time

Audio Only: $60 per hour of recording time*

Headshots: $60 for 1 hour session

Video Editing & Motion Graphics: $35 per hour of work

*Audio Only price may vary based on length of work, complexity of editing/project, and number of takes required.

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